Yaky Original Cheese Chew Small Dog Treat

Yaky Original Cheese Chew Small Dog Treat

Himalayan Dog Treats Cheese Chew - Small


Derived from an ancient recipe, these hard cheese snacks were traditionally chewed by the people of the Himalayas. Using traditional methods, these cheese chews are made with only yak or cows milk, salt, and lime juice - just as they have been for thousands of years. 

Produced in top quality facilities, these healthy, protein rich chews contain no extra additives or preservatives. They are long-lasting and will keep your dog occupied for hours (depending on the size and gusto of your furry friend!) As your dog works away at the chew, it slowly softens so that small parts can be chewed off. The occupier nature of these treats means they are also beneficial for your dogs oral health, cleaning your pets teeth as they chew. Plus, they are completely vegetarian!


  • Ancient recipe from the Himalayas around Mt Everest
  • Hard cheese chew containing only cow or yaks milk, salt, and lime juice
  • Vegetarian, gluten-free and grain-free treat
  • Use as a special reward or occupier treat
  • Small size - suitable for small sized breeds including Maltese, Small poodles, and Jack Russels
  • Ingredients:

    Skimmed Milk, Lime Juice, Salt

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