KONG Rambler Rubber Squeak

KONG Rambler Rubber Squeak

KONG Rambler Rubber Squeak Ball  Toy For Dogs


KONG Rambler Ball Toy For Dogs Is A Fantastic Rolling And Chase Toy Which Provides Both Mental And Physical Stimulation For A Happy Pooch 

  • This exciting toy combines two toys into one for a great playtime challenge
  • The unpredictable movement and loud squeak of the outer ball shell entices dogs to play
  • The entertaining tennis ball track allows the tennis ball to roll inside and provides a fun challenge for your dog to capture it
  • Your dog will love rolling and chasing the ball around the floor in a quest for victory
  • Once your dog has captured the tennis ball, you can easily pop it straight back into the inner track and watch them go nuts all over again
  • Provides both mental and physical stimulation for a happy and healthy pooch 
  • The large ball is made of strong rubber material with textured ridges
  • The tennis ball is made of non-abrasive tennis ball material, which makes it kinder on your dog’s teeth than regular tennis balls
  • The inner tennis ball can be easily replaced
  • We will choose the colour for you as a fun surprise
  • Not recommended for strong-jawed dogs


  • Small

    • Big rubber ball: 13cm diameter
    • Tennis ball: 5cm diameter
    • Track opening: 4cm (can be pulled out to 5.5cm)


    • Big rubber ball: 16.5cm diameter
    • Tennis ball: 6.5cm diameter
    • Track opening: 5cm (can be pulled out to 7cm)
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