Little Bites Chicken Freeze Dried

Little Bites Chicken Freeze Dried

Big Dog Little Bites Chicken Freeze Dried Dog Treats 160g


Dogs everywhere love Big Dog’s revolutionary range of raw food and treats. The only problem? Because raw food requires refrigeration, we can’t ship it everywhere. Finally, the legends over at Big Dog have come up with the perfect compromise: Little Bites.

These chomp-sized portions are made raw, just like the rest of Big Dog’s range, then freeze dried to lock in taste and nutrients. The only thing that’s missing is the moisture!

There are so many ways for your dog to enjoy Little Bites. You can feed Little Bites to your dog as healthy treats to reward good behaviour...or just because. You can also pop them on top of your dog’s meal as an extra bonus - or you can add a little water and rehydrate Little Bites to create a tasty meal that will have your pup’s tail wagging.


    • Made in Australia from 100% all natural, locally-sourced ingredients
    • Unlike the rest of Big Dog’s range, Little Bites don’t require refrigeration. They’re made raw, with all the benefits of raw food, then freeze dried to lock in nutrients and taste
    • You can feed Little Bites to your dog straight from the bag as treats, or add water to create a tasty meal. Follow the instructions on the packaging
    • Grain free, and free from artificial chemicals, colours, flavours and preservatives
    • Contains no synthetic vitamins, minerals, additives or any artificial ingredients
    • Recommended for dogs of all ages, sizes and breeds - however, as a primary source of nutrition, Little Bites are best suited to smaller dogs or light eaters
    • Presented in a resealable bag
    • Chicken Little Bites are made from RSPCA-approved chook, as well as vitamin-rich offal (sounds gross, but your dog will love it!). There's also fresh fruit, seasonal veg and more
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